About Us

Vision Acoustics was founded in the early 90's by Scott Hensinger. He focused solely on the creation of custom surround sound speakers which he still builds today. Over the years, Vision Acoustics has evolved into much more than just speakers while its core values stay the same: take an idea, and turn it into reality.  This applies to all aspects of what we do, including TV Mountings and Home Theater Installs. Vision Acoustics works like no other Audio/Video company does. We take an immense amount of pride in every single aspect of work. We work as cleanly and quickly as possible while remaining accurate in all of our cuts and measurements. The reason we have a 100% Satisfaction rate is because we follow one pretty simple mindset: "If we wouldn't do it in our home, we wouldn't do it in your home." I, Max Hensinger, practice this mindset everyday while instilling it into Vision Acoustics and all of it's employees. While we do lack the size some other audio/video companies have, we make up for in customer service. Once you pick up the phone and we do business together, you are our clients forever.  When you call us, you are connected to either mine or my fathers personal lines. This allows our customers to be helped immediately without the hassle of talking with an operator. We are only a phone call away when you need any sort of help, even if a few years have passed.

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